Saruni Basecamp

Brand Development

An exciting project of merging two successful safari operations in Kenya. Merging ideas, goals, conservation efforts, adventures, tribes and people.

When Saruni and Basecamp joined forces and came together, the values were similar – conservation through tourism, tourism through communities – but the images chosen to express them were different. Saruni had a traditional logo, a tree and a warrior with a spear under it. The colour: burgundy red. Basecamp had a modern logo, with joined geometrical pieces in colours of blue, yellow, orange. Vastly different.

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In both cases the intentions of the message were similar: conservation is a puzzle composed of many pieces, one interconnected to the other. You cannot protect the African wildlife without protecting the land, you cannot protect the land without empowering the people who own it and use it.

Our brief was to create a common icon to use across all properties and geographical areas, that works for both their guests and the tourism industry. We created a movement, a dance, the migration, interconnectedness, a symbiotic connection and fundamentally, the interdependence and kinship between people and nature.

We have loved creating this brand, and look forward to taking Saruni Basecamp forward creatively.

We created the Saruni Basecamp brand visual identity and website.