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Who We Are

Specialising in portfolio sites for the safari industry, lodges and camps, photographers and service providers, we strive to design in a clear and decisive manner to showcase a clients work / portfolio / lodge / services. Our challenge is to find a unique approach for your digital brand. A vehicle that will speed ahead, and take your brand with it.

Let’s not forget though, that one who finds themselves at home creating for the net, does not mean that they are uncomfortable designing a brand, it’s place in our lives, and how we use it, or with one eye squinting and the other peering through the view finder of a camera. It goes without saying that we would prefer to guide you, hold your hand and lead you through the process of raising the bar on your brand, be it printed, photographed, digitised or tattoo’d.

Andrew Howard

Founder, Creative Director

Cari Williamson-Routledge

Art Director

Aimee Theron

Graphic Designer

Cheryl Howard